About Sustainable Resources INW

Sustainable Resources INW makes Spokane a more resilient community by providing education and information about sustainable practices.
Sustainable Resources INW provides the education, resources and tools our community needs to create a more sustainable future.
Business Model
Sustainable Resources INW is an educational non-profit corporation dedicated to increasing our community’s awareness and utilization of sustainable practices.  We are funded by donations, grants and a few contracts.  We formed as a non-profit because we’re motivated more by outcomes than income, and we value the power of partnerships to effect change.
Sustainable Resources INW began back in 2005 as “SLIP” when a group of friends all wished we had an option to invest our money locally so it could strengthen the local economy and help to grow the businesses where we’d like to shop and work. Such an option didn’t appear to exist so we created Sustainable Local Investment Partners. We quickly realized the Spokane region needed more green business to be able to invest in so the organization broadened its scope of services to not only include promoting local investing opportunities but also educational and implementation tools to help those businesses, owners, and employees operate sustainably. In 2011, the evolution of services led to the organization’s name change to Sustainable Resources INW.