• RE:Source By-Product Synergy Network  

Introducing RE:Sourcethe Inland NW By-Product Synergy Network. Working under a two-year WA State Dept. of Ecology grant, this network of large and small businesses is employing 21st century “circular economy” best business practices to lower operating costs, reduce waste disposal, create new business opportunities and extend our vital natural resources, through the exchange and reuse of materials. In the process, businesses like yours are becoming more efficient, innovative and competitive.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of participation, register for free workshops, and view our partners and leadership team.

  • SMART Program
    The Sustainable Management of Assets, Resources, and Technology (SMART) Program encourages businesses to adopt policies and practices that effectively manage financial, built, human, and natural capital. SMART provides recognition and certification to businesses that have made a commitment to these green practices; recognition is available at two levels:

      • Participant-for businesses that commit to make a change.
      • Certified-for businesses that demonstrate they have and will continue to implement changes.

Businesses can apply for recognition in any of the following categories:


CLICK HERE for application materials and a full description of the program and its partners.

  • Local Money Council

    The Local Money Council (LMC) is a non-funded, non-funding committee of Sustainable Resources INW. The LMC’s mission is to identify and facilitate ways local investors (especially unaccredited investors) can put their money to work growing sustainable local businesses and jobs in the Spokane region. The LMC holds informative meetings, webinar viewing parties, and events such as Local Money Gatherings. All are welcome! For more information about the Local Money Council CLICK HERE.

  • Upcoming Events

    Networking, workshops, and conferences-oh my! This year we’re organizing a variety of events around new economy concepts. You can look forward to nationally recognized visionaries and local leaders engaging the community in topics such as Local Libations, Local Money, and more! We’re so excited for what’s in store-check back soon as details are TBA as the dates approach. In the meantime, check out the Events page for detailed information of all previously announced upcoming events.

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