RE:Source Synergy Network

          Introducing RE:Source, the Inland NW By-Product Synergy Network. Working under a two-year WA State Dept. of Ecology grant, this network of large and small businesses is employing 21st century “circular economy” best business practices to lower operating costs, reduce waste disposal, create new business opportunities and extend our vital natural resources, through the exchange and reuse of materials. In the process, businesses like yours are becoming more efficient, innovative and competitive.

Mission Statement: Reduce disposal and operating costs and create new business opportunities through exchange and reuse of materials.

Can you afford to be wasteful? Wouldn’t you rather save money? Or better yet, make money.  Attend one of our workshops and learn how to: Reduce disposal and operating costs, create new business opportunities and exchange and reuse materials. Let us help you become more efficient, innovative and competitive, as you turn your trash into cash! Sign up here to receive notice of upcoming events and related information.
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Waste Mgmt
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Leadership Team

American Exploration & Mining Association: Laura Skaer, Executive Director BarrTech: Scott Deatherage, Operations
Ecova: Erik Makinsen, Waste Solutions Director Impact Washington: Patric Sazama, Regional Project Director
Pacific Materials Exchange: Jim Haynes, Waste Reduction Assessment Program Spokane Regional Clear Air Agency: Margee Chambers, Public Information & Compliance Assistance
Huntwood: Kirk Douglas, EHSS Manager Sunshine Disposal & Recycling
URS: Craig Riley, Regional Sustainability Practice Director Baker Commodities:Joe Jacobson, Asst. Div. GM
Waste Management Recycle America: Leonard Strege, Major Account Representative  Inland Empire Paper Company: Doug Krapas, Environmental Manager
 WA State Dept. of Ecology: Jim Wavada, Environmental Planner, Technical Advisor on grant  AHANA:Ben Cabildo

Groups we’re collaborating with:

ResourceFull Use
NBIS’ By-Product Synergy NW

Benefits of participation:

  • Increased revenue from by-product sales
  • Reduction in waste disposal costs
  • Substitution of lower-cost, locally sourced recycled feedstocks
  • Reduction in solid waste and other environmental burdens
  • Reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced demand for virgin materials leading to resource conservation
  • Stimulation of regional entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Enhanced corporate reputation for sustainable practices
  • Interaction with leading companies and technical experts

Click Here to visit our Resources Page for case studies, tools, videos, metrics, and articles.


This product was funded through a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology.  While these materials were reviewed for grant consistency, this does not necessarily constitute endorsement by Ecology.