Education and Training

Forest through the treesSustainable Resources provides the education and training you need to navigate the path toward a more resilient business. In this age of instant information, diving into the expansive topic of sustainability can seem overwhelming and time consuming at best. Sustainable Resources keeps up with trends and research so you don’t have to. Whether you’re just getting started in sustainable practices or looking for what you can do next, Sustainable Resources can help.

Executive Director Susanne Croft is certified as a Sustainability Professional through the International Society for Sustainability Professionals, and now serves as faculty for their certification program. She has experience in economic development and urban planning and was the City of Spokane’s Sustainability Coordinator from 2008-2009.

Contact Sustainable Resources INW for an educational presentation on these and other topics related to sustainability:

1. Buy Local Programs:  Learn how consumer support for local businesses makes local economies stronger and communities more resilient.

2. Community Capital:  Hear about ways to keep your money working at home to grow the jobs and businesses you want for your community’s future.

3. Green Business Opportunities: Whether it’s life cycle assessment, by-product synergy, or solving the challenges caused by interim solutions, hear how the future belongs to those who can innovate and respond to opportunities.  

4. Green Job Opportunities:  Employers need workers who can help them apply sustainable practices to their operations.  Learn how to add an extra edge to your skills so you’re better positioned to compete for tomorrow’s jobs.

5. Green Purchasing:  Learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into your procurement practices and policies, contracts and  RFQs, to gain a competitive edge in your supply chain and strengthen the level of assurance you’re able to offer your customers.

6. Historic Preservation and Sustainability:  Often the greenest building is the one that’s already built.  But there is also much wisdom we can learn from bygone days’ way of life.

7. Sustainable Practices:  Learn how making the most efficient and effective use of all human, natural and financial resources keeps your business or organization going strong for the long run.

8. Sustainability Strategic Planning:  Hands-on exposure to tools that can help you strategically and intentionally incorporate sustainable thinking into all that you do.

9. S-CORE™ Sustainability Assessment Tool:  Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.  S-CORE helps you create a manageable action plan for how to achieve your sustainability goals over time.  Group trainings, or customized one-on-one assessments for individual businesses or organizations.

10. Sustainability Management System Development:   Learn to set up and use a Sustainability Management System to integrate sustainability into all aspects of your business for one cohesive management system rather than multiple parallel programs.