Tools for Business

Is your business looking for new ways to save money and gain market edge as you recover from the recession? Sustainable Resources INW’s tools and resources help your business learn how to be more sustainable and better positioned for success in the new green economy.

Tools for Success: Sustainable businesses are more successful because they pay more attention to all the factors that impact their current and future operations. They look ahead, adapt, innovate, even reinvent themselves sometimes, but they’re still in business long after short-term thinking businesses have failed.

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The S-CORE ™assessment tool teaches businesses how to achieve sustainability goals over time. Use it to find the low hanging fruit and identify which next steps make the best sense for your business. S-CORE is designed for all levels of sustainability implementation.

The SPaRK ™ sustainability planning tool  helps you understand and track progress to achieve your goals. It can also measure your performance, impacts and return on investment.

Sustainability Management Systems
A Sustainability Management System integrates sustainability into all aspects of your business for one cohesive management system rather than multiple parallel programs.

Technical Assistance
You’re busy just running your business, so let Sustainable Resources INW connect you with the hands-on expertise you need to apply money-saving measures like:

  • energy efficiency
  • green building
  • hazardous waste management
  • pollution prevention
  • recycling & waste reduction
  • water conservation

Financing Assistance
Investments in sustainability often pay for themselves in a few short years.  But for larger projects, Sustainable Resources INW’s financial partners stand ready to help.